How to stop snoring

How to stop snoring

Snoring is a type of sleeping sickness that affects many of us. Although sleeping sicknesses have diverse origins, snoring is a derived symptom that indicates that, when breathing, the flow of air through our airways is not good and produces "turbulence" due to obstruction at some point.

These obstructions, which cause the air not to flow properly into the lungs, can be located at the level of the nose, palate or tongue. On an exploratory visit, and with a simple physical examination and a low radiation scanner of your facial skeleton, we can locate the narrow area that produces the turbulences and therefore, the snoring.

If the obstruction caused by snoring is in the nose, it can be easily corrected by surgery on the septum and turbinates, with 24-hour hospital admission. If the obstruction is in the palate or tongue, the solution involves advancing the position of the bones that support these structures, so that we increase the caliber of the airways, sending more air behind the tongue or palate. In this case the surgery is on the jaws and  it also requires a hospital admission of just 24 hours.

After these simple interventions, the results can be noticed after a few weeks, making life much easier for you, and those around you.

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