Top 9 essentials for your postoperative recovery

Top 9 essentials for your postoperative recovery

It is important to prepare well when going through orthognathic surgery. Taking time to get and prepare certain things before your operation will be something that you will really thank yourself while you are convalescing.

During the first month after surgery you will need some specific care, which you will gradually stop needing depending on how you feel (and of course, your doctor's recommendations).

Here some essential things for a good recovery:

Blender: Make sure that yours has enough capacity to crush frozen fruit (cut fruit into small pieces and freeze it before your operation) and you can prepare delicious fruit smoothies with honey that, in addition to giving you energy, will help with inflammation.

Protein drinks: these are prepared shakes that, due to their caloric content, can replace a whole meal. Although they are not to everyone's taste, they are very practical in the first days, when you can not cook or have a craving for something sweet.

Chicken and vegetable broths and soups. You will come very well especially during the first days, when it is more difficult to open your mouth. You can prepare well before the operation and freeze it in rations to take it during the days of liquid diet.

Prune juice: It may not be your favorite flavor, but you will appreciate being able to "normalize" your visits to the bathroom, especially during the first fortnight.

Arnica. It helps reduce inflammation and bruising, in addition to having analgesic properties. Use it in cream or gel  gently rubbing the area.

Cold compresses. There are some that you can put in the freezer and then put them on your face to relievethe  swelling during the first 24 hours (after that time it can have a negative effect, learn why)

Chopstick. You probably suffer from dry lips during the first weeks after the operation. Be healthy by putting a little balm every day.

Waterpik: it is a device that allows you to clean your teeth with water under pressure (adjustable) and in the first days is the least painful way to clean your mouth.

Entire seasons of your favorite series. Think you will spend a lot of time in bed (although it is always advisable to take a walk, at first you may not feel much desire) and this is a great way for time to fly by. Reading is also a good idea, but concentrating may cost you more than usual.

Remember also that the first days the sensitivity in your mouth will be very low, so the drooling will be a constant, be prepared for it and above all, follow the instructions of your doctor (medication, care, exercises) so that the recovery is quick and free ofcomplications.

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