How much does orthognathic surgery cost?

How much does orthognathic surgery cost?

This is probably the most common question among candidates for orthognathic surgery who contact us through different channels, but it is not a question that can be answered easily, and even less without having previously evaluated the patient. This is because the cost of orthognathic surgery is quite variable, and this is because it includes many aspects, such as:

  • Medical visits
  • Virtual planning of surgery
  • Preoperative and postoperative studies
  • Type of surgery (monomaxillary or bimaxillary)
  • Surgeon's fees based on his/her experience
  • Hospitalization, which includes:
    • Anesthetist and anesthesic nurse
    • Anesthesia
    • Scout nurse
    • Medication and other medical materials
    • Hospital room
  • Fixing materials (number of plates and screws used)
  • Surgical splints
  • Postoperative controls

In Spain, the average cost of orthognathic surgery starts at € 15,000; and can reach up to € 40,000 in complex cases.

However, there might be some extra expenses that depend entirely on the patient:

  • The difficulty of the case
  • The need or wish for complementary or aesthetic procedures during the same surgery


médicos en quirófano

In Spain, as a rule, orthognathic surgery is considered cosmetic surgery, which is why it is not normally covered by insurance companies,although there are some exceptions, such as when skeletal malformation is the cause of sleep apnea or other respiratory problems.

It is important to bear in mind that in most cases orthodontic treatment is necessary before and after surgery that is not included in the aforementioned price range. Normally, this orthodontic treatment is started around 18 months before surgery. After the surgery, the orthodontist makes a balance of the movements necessary to finish aligning the teeth and once the correct position is reached, the orthodontics is removed. The complete treatment, including orthodontics + surgery, can take between 15 months and three years.

At Maxillofacial Institute all of our quotations are personalized and delivered at the end of a first exploratory visit. The patient then receives a complete diagnosis, a clinical photographic study and the quotation of the treatment proposed by our team of specialists, with the guarantee of being in the most experienced hands of Spain and being operated in a world reference center in orthognathic surgery. Contact us to arrange a first visit by calling +34 933933185 or writing to


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