What is a facial nerve neurostimulator?

What is a facial nerve neurostimulator?

The musculature of the facial mimicry is mainly directed by the facial nerve. Certain head and neck surgeries, such as the removal of tumors or parotidectomy - partial or total removal of the parotid gland - can compromise the integrity of this nerve. To prevent any affectation of the facial nerves, at the Maxillofacial Institute we use a neurostimulator.

The neurostimulator is an instrument that gives an audible interpretation of muscle movement, which is detected by electrodes placed on the relevant muscles controlled by those nerves that are considered to be in danger. Thus, during surgery we can accurately locate the presence of the facial nerve or its branches to avoid damaging them. To this we must combine the experience and skill of the surgeon, the most important factors in preserving the patient's facial mobility.

This combination of factors make maxillofacial surgery at Maxillofacial Institute very safe, simple and free of complications.

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