Do you need orthognathic surgery?

Do you need orthognathic surgery?

Approximately between 25 and 30% of the population has a variable degree of face disarmony, and half of those cases would eventually be candidates for orthognathic surgery.

Traditionally, maxillofacial surgical procedures were very traumatic, so only very extreme cases were intervened. However, in recent years, interventions for facial deformities are becoming less and less invasive, and today, even mild malformative cases can undergo ortognathic surgery  with favorable risk/benefit relationships. For this reason, the number of cases that have been treated with this type of surgery in recent years has increased considerably, with optimal results for the patients.

But, how can I know if I need orthognathic surgery?

Our team of maxillofacial surgeons at Maxillofacial Institute have established 5 key indicators to assess whether you are candidate for orthognathic surgery:

1. My teeth do not fit well together (for example, my mandibular teeth are more advanced than my maxillary teeth).

2. The bones of my face are disproportionate (for example, I have a very large jaw or a very narrow jaw).

3. My face is not symmetrical (for example, I have a deviant chin).

4. My teeth are worn out and I suffer from joint problems due to chewing difficulties.

5. I can't breathe well through my nose, or suffer from obstructive sleep apnea.

If you have identified yourself with one or more of the previous points, do not hesitate to contact us to get a diagnosis from our specialists. Remember that orthognathic surgery can improve your image, but above all it can greatly improve your quality of life and avoid future complications.

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