Short implants… Short life?

Oral implantology is one of the pillars of contemporary dentistry. It is a conservative therapy that avoids preparation of healthy teeth, and stimulates bone preservation with implant loading in cases where teeth have been lost.

In the last 30 years, the use of osseointegrated dental implants has resulted in increased survival rates. Some prospective studies have shown an accumulative survival rate of 94,4% with fixed prostheses, versus 95,7% with implant-retained overdentures. Oral implant therapy has become a common and accepted treatment. Patients are better informed and more demanding, and dental professionals have more tools and well-documented techniques available to them.

This chapter will guide the reader through implant selection, taking into account factors such as length, diameter, surface treatment, and prosthetic connections. Prosthetic, biomechanical, and occlusal factors are evaluated so that the clinician can make important decisions when it comes to selecting the most appropriate treatment. The most controversial issues regarding short implants are discussed in this chapter:

2.3 Gerenal topics

2.3.1 Is the length of the implant a risk factor?

2.3.2 How should the surface of a short implant be treated?

2.3.3 How does bone density influence treatment with short implants?

2.3.4 How do occlusal forces affect short implants?

2.3.5 How important is the diameter of short implants?

2.3.6 Where can a short implant be placed?

2.3.7 Are short implants successful?

2.4 Prostheses and short implants

2.5 Short implants and parafunctional and toxic habits

2.5.1 Can short implants be placed in patients with parafunctional habits?

2.5.2 Can short implants be placed in patients with toxic habits?

2.6 Surgical techniques for short implants

2.6.1 Planning short-implant surgery

2.7 Complications encountered with short implants

2.7.1 Treatment of complications

2.7.2 Prevention of failures and complications

2.8 Clinical cases

2.9 Conclusions

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