Syndrome d’hyperdivergence faciale
The anterior maxilla as a potential source of bone grafts: a morphometric cone beam computed tomography analysis of different anatomical areas
Effect of implant macro-design on primary stability: A prospective clinical study
Anatomical and radiological approach to pterygoid implants: a cross-sectional study of 202 cone beam computed tomography examinations
Early changes in condylar position after mandibular advancement: a threedimensional analysis
Inferior subapical osteotomy for dentoalveolar decompensation of class III malocclusion in ‘surgery-first’ and ‘surgeryearly’ orthognathic treatment
Efficacy of Adjunctive Er, Cr:YSGG Laser Application Following Scaling and Root Planing in Periodontally Diseased Patients
Minimally invasive intraoral condylectomy: proof of concept report
Surgery first in orthognathic surgery: A systematic review of the literature

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