Immediate implants: are the safe?

Since the first appearance and popularization of dental implants, different techniques and materials have been developed, leading to a great variety of treatment options. Treatment times have been one of the issues most influenced by such development.

Constant pressure and increased demands from patients led dentists to shorten the "standard protocol" times, instead placing and restoring dental implants immediately. What may have started as an experiment soon proved to have the same effectiveness and survival when compared with the conventional protocol. Further studies have shown that even with these high survival rates, the final result may be unsuccessful, since in some cases the esthetic outcome may be compromised, and will not fulfill patient expectations.

To begin with, this procedure was considered unpredictable, but with the development of new protocols and improved diagnosis it now has similar final results to other loading protocols, in some cases even better.

Being technique-sensitive and dependent on proper diagnosis and clinical skills, this procedure should only be carried out when indicated. Therefore it is important to understand the advantages and precise indications of placing immediate implants.

The objective of this chapter is to explain when and how to place immediate implants, as well as to demystify controversies related to this type of procedure.

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